Women’s large sizes shoes – Let’s talk about sales!

By June 29, 2017Blog

If it wasn’t frustrating enough to try to find decent shoes that fit, can you imagine how women with big feet feel during sales? Again, I’m speaking on behave other women with big feet and please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the frustration is shared.

It’s already really annoying having to pay more for shoes when you are labeled as a woman that needs plus size shoes. But it’s even more infuriating to go to the sales and find out that the big size cute shoes are normally out of the sale! Shops tend to give whatever excuse they find at that particular moment to not discount them, for example they sometimes consider them to be from the new season.

I think, well I’m sure, shops take advantage of women with big feet. They know we are willing to pay more for shoes because of our lack of choices, so why give us a discount if we will end up paying anyway?!

Apart from what I said, during sales there are mainly three other things that annoy me so much:

The Big Size Sales Selection Makes Me Cry

I have no idea where they get sales shoes from, but the majority of available big size shoes on sales are very ugly and outdated. To me, they look like if they have been hiding for years and shops get them out during sales, to try to get rid of them.

I feel the majority of large size shoes for women on sales are old fashioned and they make me cry! Sometimes I even feel that some of the models available are old and look quite run down! Have a look at the picture below and tell me I’m wrong!

The Number of Designs Available is Minimum Compared to Other Smaller Sizes

When I get to the shop my hopes and expectations are very high, we are on sales, I’ll find great shoes at amazing prices I tell to myself! But as soon as I walk in and I see 10 ugly deformed pairs of big size shoes for women I start to wonder why. Why can they not make an effort and offer at least everything they have available in big sizes? Why do we have to be forced to ignore the sale and buy fashionable shoes at normal/expensive prices? (if we are lucky enough!)

Seeing Other Women Enjoying the Shoe Sale

I love shoes and I hate seeing other women enjoying themselves buying shoes half price while I browse around the shop trying to find my hardly non-existent plus size section.

They are not the ones to blame, I know, but I can’t avoid feeling angry at them! They take buying cute shoes for granted and they have no idea how lucky they are.

Rant over! What do you feel about it? Does it frustrate you? Please, leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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