Women With Big Feet – Give them some love!

By June 29, 2017Blog

Women with big feet, even if you don’t love them at the moment, don’t forget to give them some love! Foot care is so important and now that it’s summer is the perfect excuse to start looking after our lovely big pretty feet.

How do I get perfect feet for summer? Many people tend to neglect their feet throughout the year. With no doubt when summer is around the corner it’s when they start taking care of them. Women start getting concerned about the look of their feet and start spending some time getting them ready to be shown.

Myself on the other hand, I try to take care of my pretty big feet throughout the whole year. I used to hate my feet so much when I was younger. I used to hate their size, I was so frustrated I had men feet. But now I have accepted them as part of myself and I give them some love often, foot care is essential. Which means my feet are always summer ready and ready to be shown!

This is what I do : 


Rule number 1 

No more small shoes, no more feet suffering because the shoes I like are not available in my size and I decide to buy a size smaller.

Friction blisters and shoe bits are no no’s! Therefore, I always wear my size, even if it means only shopping shoes online.

We have to always wear appropriate footwear, it has to be comfortable and not tight. We have to allow blood circulation. Same goes with socks, I wear them a bit loose and of course always my size, even if it means wearing men’s socks.

Rule number 2 

I walk barefoot around the house all the time. If it’s cold I wear slipper socks.

I also tend to walk barefoot at the beach or on grass. I love the feeling and it’s like getting a scrub by nature!

Rule number 3 

I take Epsom salt baths or if I don’t have time I only soak my feet in my foot spa. Epsom salt is basically magnesium sulphate with plenty of health benefits. I use it to relax my muscles and soften my skin.

I pour 1-2 cups in my hot water filled foot spa and I dip my big pretty feet in it. I sometimes add a few drops of my favourite essential oil or a few drops of lemon. It does wonders to my feet. Doing it regularly helped a lot in getting rid of my dry cracked heels.

This is the foot spa and Epsom salts I normally use. The spa is pretty simple, but I’m so happy with it.

The only inconvenience I find with Epsom salt is that where I live I can only get 500gr bags. And every time I soak my feet in them I pour 1-2 cups in the foot spa. I got tired of running out of it every other day and I’ve been buying this Epsom salt in bulk.

Rule number 4 

I moisturize and massage my feet very often. I aim to do it every day, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. I tried plenty of products but what really helps soften my skin and keep my nails healthy is sweet almond oil.

Rule number 5 

I have a professional pedicure every few months. I would like to get it every month but I don’t have time for that!

I don’t use nail polish all the time. I love coloured nails, but it’s so important to let your nails breath.

Rule number 6 

I use a dead dry hard skin remover and I carry it with me if I travel to hot and dry places.

Following these rules help me have perfect feet. My pretty big feet are always summer ready!

It might sound like a tedious foot care routine to some of you, but you get used to it after a few weeks of doing it. To me it’s like I’m compensating my feet for mistreating them when I was younger. Take care of your big pretty feet throughout the year, give them some love, so they are always ready to be shown!

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