Stretch Shoes – Shoes for Women with Wide Feet

By June 29, 2017Blog

Do you need to wear shoes for women with wide feet but sometimes you can’t find what you are looking for?

Raise your hand if you have ever bought a pair of tight shoes! I think tight shoes is a recurring problem we, women with large feet, or women with wide feet, face quite often. Therefore learning how to stretch shoes is a much needed skill in our lives.

I still remember my mum helping me to stretch my shoes when I was younger. As I said in a previous post I used to buy shoes that didn’t fit properly, poor me! Hence, I’m an expert in shoe stretching!

Even if I buy my size nowadays, I still need to stretch some of my shoes sometimes, if I’m totally honest with you. Who hasn’t bought a pair of shoes that look and feel perfect at the shop, and feel tight as soon as you put them on and step out the house?! It’s so annoying when they are already worn and you can’t return them.

I tried so many things in the past to stretch my tight shoes. Some of the stuff I tried is embarrassing to say and didn’t even work! Therefore, I’m just going to share three of my tips with you, the ones that work! Which could be applicable to any type of shoes.

Tip number 1 – If the pair is not extremely tight, I cover my feet with moisturizer, the greasier the better. And I do the same inside the shoes. I apply moisturizer inside and I put them on.

I walk around the house for a while, until I get tired of wearing shoes and I repeat every day until I feel comfortable enough to venture out the house with them on.

The day I decide I can wear the former tight pair longer and outside the house, I pick a day I won’t need to walk a lot and I follow the same procedure. I apply moisturizer to my feet and inside my shoes. Not so much this time, since I don’t want to be slipping on the street. I keep repeating the same until I feel the shoes are not tight anymore and I can wear them without any moisturizer.

Tip number 2 – If I don’t have the patience to be stretching shoes with my own feet or the shoe is too tight, I use a shoe stretcher. I normally put a sock on to the stretcher and I apply moisturizer to it as well. I feel it works better and it’s gentler with my shoes.

For those who don’t know, shoe stretchers are cheap wooden and metal pieces that help expand your shoes.

Make sure you chose the correct size and don’t over tighten the shoe stretcher to avoid damage to your shoes. Some brands recommend moisturizing your shoes from the inside with hot water or steam before using the stretcher, I use body lotion instead!

Tip number 3 – A recently discovered way to stretch shoes requires thick socks, a hair drier and the tight pair to stretch. This way of stretching shoes is more time consuming and I recommend you to do it when you have enough time to spare. Otherwise you will need to repeat the process.

This way is also very simple. You only need to put your thick socks on, bear in mind that the thicker the better. But of course common sense is needed. You have to be able to put your shoes on!

One you have your socks and shoes on, start drying them with the hair drier. Emphasize the areas that feel tighter, which normally are the heels and the front side of the shoes.

When you feel the shoes are warm enough, turn off the hair drier and walk around for a while until the shoes cool down. Repeat the same process a couple of times. You will feel you are widening your shoes, and you will feel like you are wearing shoes for women with wide feet.

Common sense is needed again, if you feel like you are burning your feet, please stop! Burning ourselves is not the goal here!

It’s time to get out these tight shoes you have been pilling up and try my tricks!

Let me know if you try any of them or if you have any other tips! I would love to hear from you!

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