Sneakers for Women – Big Sizes available!

By June 11, 2017Flats

When it comes to comfort we, women with big feet, really know what we are looking for. We’ve suffered enough having to wear ugly big shoes as well as trying to cope with smaller sizes that we know how to recognise comfort. I don’t know about you but I’m an expert recognising the best sneakers for women when I see them.

I have to admit I’ve been pretty obsessed with sneakers all my life. Probably because it was the only shoe style I could wear for a very long time. In my late teens I developed the amazing ability to find unisex sneakers that looked cute and girly but big enough to fit my big pretty feet at the same time.

Nowadays even if I own many shoes and I know some places where to find my size, I still love wearing sneakers. But don’t get me wrong, when I say sneakers I don’t mean any type of sneakers. I mean fashionable sneakers, chic designs, and not the ones we would wear at the gym. Although you can find pretty amazing gym designs at the moment that I wouldn’t mind wearing on a casual day out.

I think stylish sneakers are great for women, to feel feminine as well as comfortable and confident. And one of my favourite brands of sneakers for women is New Balance. Their sneakers for women are available in amazing styles and most of them available up to size 13US. And if you need a size bigger than 13US you can always browse through their men’s lifestyle designs, I’m sure they have unisex models I wouldn’t mind wearing. I’ve done it many times!

New Balance lifestyle collection is very cool and I don’t find them expensive at all. I love their retro look and to wear them with skinny and boyfriend jeans. I find New Balance sneakers for women very cute, girly and comfortable at the same time. I would say their lifestyle designs are based on their running shoes; therefore comfort and adaptability are musts. I love them!

What about you? Do you like wearing sneakers for women? Do you like New Balance? Have a look at the models below and see if you like them! Please leave a comment below and tell me about your preferences.

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