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I just thought I would dedicate a post to women with shoe size 12. I don’t want to imagine how hard must be to find size 12 women’s shoes (US12). It’s already extremely difficult for me and I’m wearing a size 11US. Have you ever been asked by a shop assistant if you would like to try men shoes? We have some that look so nice and you wouldn’t tell they are men’s… they say! It’s so frustrating!

Thanks to starting my web site,, I’m finding great shops and brands I didn’t know existed. I bet it’s also happening to all of you!

As part of this adventure I found a shop called Long Tall Sally, which offers fashionable clothing to tall women, 173cm (5’8″) and above. The exciting part is that they also happen to have big size shoes for women. Their shoe sizes go from 7 – 13UK 9 – 15 US, 41 – 47 EU, therefore women shoes size 12 is totally a normal size in Long Tall Sally!

They carry a range of fashion brands as well as their own LTS brand. Something to bear in mind when buying LTS boots is that they are designed for tall women, therefore for women with longer legs than average. The calf position and shaping can be affected and styling details are adjusted accordingly. Calf circumference varies on style.

You can shop online or in one of their stores in the UK, US or Germany. I had the pleasure of visiting the UK store and it’s awesome to have so many options! And shop assistants are so helpful!

As part of this post I would like to share with you some of my favourite flat sandals I found at the shop, all of them available is size 12 and up! The majority are LTS. I hope you like them!

LTS Rosa beaded leather sandals


Informal but classy!

I think this pair of superior leather sandals is great to be worn every day during summer.

Depending on the occasion I can see myself wearing them with jeans, informal dresses or skirts. And to be honest with you I would even wear them on a night out if I feel like going flat. I think the diamond design and white beading embellishment make them elegant and classy.

The LTS Rosa has a padded insole and elastic insert, which makes the pair even more comfortable!

Colour: White Silver

Price: £40

Click here is you want to find more about it

Nine West Jumprope Flat Sandal 


So elegant and versatile!

This pair of Nine Wests look so elegant to me and comfortable at the same time. The delicate buckled ankle strap makes them comfortable and perfect to walk around in them all day.

Colours: Available in Snake and Black

Price: £85

Click here if you want to find more about it

Porto Leather Sandals 


I love this type of roman sandals!

The leather caged design pair is so fashionable this summer 2016.

The sandals have a black zip, closed heel and padded insole, which make them so comfortable.

They looked quite wide to me, therefore you might want to think about it twice if you have super narrow feet.

I think they are lovely and so flattering for women with long feet.

Colour: Black

Price: £38

Click here if you want to find more about it

What do you think about these flat sandals?! and about Long Tall Sally? Have you ever heard of them? Having visited their London shop a few times, I would like to give you the heads up on what to expect and what not to expect from LTS own branded shoes, from my point of view of course. I like their shoes and I think they are great and extremely comfortable, but it’s not what I would call high quality shoes for especial occasions. I would personally classify the majority of LTS shoes they have at the moment as every day affordable shoes.

I buy from them and I’ll keep doing it for many years to come, I think it’s a great shop and it’s amazing they offer fashionable large size shoes for women. However,  if I were you I would bear what I said in mind to avoid disappointment, especially when buying online.

I might have high standards, who knows, and you might find them absolutely amazing, but personally I wear LTS shoes for my every day live. If I need a super cute high quality expensive looking pair of shoes for a special occasion I will check other brands they stock or probably look elsewhere.

Having said that, I will be visiting their London shop again very soon and I foresee getting the porto sandals! The more I look at them the more I love them! So my style!

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