Shoe Trends For Summer 2016

By July 4, 2016Blog

Finally summer has arrived on this side of the world, although I think it’s been cancelled in the UK and we went from spring to autumn/fall directly 🙂 And when a new season arrives new fashion trends arise.

This summer trends will be a bit different than the previous summer tendencies. We are starting to see designs that we hadn’t seen for years and indeed will be a success. Summer trends lean towards pointy shoes and super high thick heels, goodbye lovely comfy rounded shoes!

Pointy shoes

Pointy shoes are not ideal when you have bigger feet, or it’s better to say when the shoe market doesn’t offer big enough sizes! It makes it especially difficult to find comfortable shoes that fit if you have wide feet.

You can’t get it wrong either wearing open heel shoes or normal heels this summer. Depending on the occasion of course! I particularly haven’t made my mind about open heel shoes yet. I’m not sure if I like them or not. I can see that open heels can be comfy if you have wider feet, but I haven’t ventured out wearing them yet!

Ankle Strap


This summer I’m so glad to say that ankle strap high shoes and sandals are a must! I love how feminine they make your feet look like. As you all know I have a pair of big pretty feet and I wore ankle strap sandals to a wedding a couple of weeks ago. I felt so glamorous and feminine. My feet didn’t look humongous and all my friends were praising my shoes. They were so surprised my feet look so feminine! I will be sharing pictures soon!

Mid heels


And for those who love comfortable shoes, even if super high heels are so trendy this summer, I’m also super glad to say that mid heels are in fashion as well! Lower and more comfortable heels are having a huge impact in women’s lives. They are very practical and elegant at the same time, great to be worn all day.

And last but not least, comfy espadrilles and avarcas (peep toe shoes) are still in fashion like they were last summer!

Don’t forget to combine your shoes with this summer colour trends to look awesome!

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