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Thanks to starting my web site,, I’m finding great shops and brands I didn’t know existed before. I bet it’s also happening to all of you!

As part of this adventure I found a shop called Long Tall Sally, which offers fashionable clothing to tall women, 173cm (5’8″) and above. The exciting part is that they also happen to have big size shoes for women. Their shoe sizes go from 7 – 13UK 9 – 15 US, 41 – 47 EU, therefore women shoes size 12 are totally a normal size in Long Tall Sally!

They carry a range of fashion brands as well as their own LTS brand. You can shop online or in one of their stores in the UK, US or Germany. I had the pleasure of visiting the UK store and it’s awesome to have so many options! And shop assistants are so helpful! Click here if you want to have a look at some of their sandals, which I reviewed in a previous post.

In March 2016 Long Tall Sally undertook an international survey across the United States, United Kingdom and Germany looking at women’s shoe sizes. They surveyed 3000 women about their shoe sizes and habits.

The results of the survey were staggering. Close to half of the women surveyed were incapable to walk after a night out in inappropriate shoes. Close to one third were wrong about their shoe size. They actually thought they had smaller sizes than the ones they truly needed. 62% hadn’t had their feet measured in 5 years, and 40% in ten. If you want to accurately measure your feet to make sure you are wearing the right shoe size, you can use a brannock device. And one third was carrying an extra pair of shoes with them just in case they couldn’t handle the pair they were wearing! It’s incredible to see the capacity we have to normalise discomfort!

The conclusion I particularly draw from the results you can see in the LTS infographic below is that women are squeezing their feet in small shoes that hurt and don’t fit. It’s so obvious to me and every single finding resonates so much with me!

We all wear shoes that are an agony to wear, but why do we do that?! Do we feel forced to wear nice and feminine shoes in the name of fashion and looking nice? I never understood impossible super pointy shoes, who on earth has pointy spaghetti feet?! It might be fashionable and we all might feel obligated to rock a pair of crazy shoes. But sometimes shoes are designed with everything in mind but our feet!

And I’m sure it’s not easy to find shoes that fit if you have a regular size, but imagine how difficult it is to find women’s large size shoes. No wonder why so many women suffer from feet pain. I’m sure a lot of women with big feet wear smaller shoes just because they can’t find bigger sizes. I’ve been there, and I’m still there sometimes if I can’t find what I’m looking for.

I think it’s time for the shoe industry to think more about us! Having bigger shoe sizes for women is not only about fashion.The consequences of wearing tight unbearable shoes are detrimental for our health and wearing the right size is a must! Thanks for taking care of it already Long Tall Sally, more should follow your example.

Have a look at the infographic below and let me know what you think about it. Does it resonate with you? Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

Infographic: If The Shoe Fits by Long Tall Sally
Infographic by: Long Tall Sally


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