Sandals for Women – Big Size Peep Toe Sandals

By July 26, 2016Flats

Thanks to the heatwave we are having on this side of the world sandals for women are so much needed! After a few days/weeks of rain and wind here in the UK I thought summer was over and I wouldn’t have the chance to buy nor wear more sandals. Thank god I was wrong and I could go out on the hunt for some more sandals for women with big feet.

This time around I found some very nice and fashionable sandals for women, the modern avarcas for big feet. I have to admit I had doubts about sharing them with you. I’m a bit annoyed they are not made in Menorca, where they are originally from. If you want to read more about their origin have a look at one of my previous posts – Sandals for Women – Avarca’s origin. But I couldn’t find any original Menorcan cute fashionable model in big sizes online.

Even though they are not from Menorca, the models I found in big sizes look awesome and are super girly. The three designs I’m going to share with you are available in up to size 9UK, 43 EU and 11US and in wide feet. I hope you like them! Please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear your thoughts!

Leopard Print 

This pair of tan leopard print avarcas is so fashionable! And again they are made from real leather. The peep toe sandals for women are a must for this summer and great for looking glam and casual at the same time!

Colour: Tan leopard print

Price: £28

Click here to find more about them.

Black Floral  

These black floral print avarcas are super cute! The two part peep toe sandals for women are made from real leather and are a must have during summer!

Colour: Black floral

Price: £25

Click here to find more about them.

Hot pink

These bright and hot pink avarcas are a must have for this summer. The two part peep toe sandals for women are made from real leather. This design is available in more colours.

More colours available: Black, white, tan

Price: £25

Click here if you want to find more about them.

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