Plus size shoes for women – H&M shoes up to size 11

By August 24, 2017Blog

What a surprise I had when I found out H&M has some plus size shoes for women! I tried on H&M shoes a gazillion times in the past and I never could wear any. There is no need to say that I like H&M, it’s affordable, fashionable and cool, so at the beginning of this summer I became over excited to find out they do shoes in bigger sizes! To be honest with you, who knows if they have been selling plus size shoes for women for a long time, I kinda gave up a while ago trying to wear them.

So this summer, I bought a couple of sandals and espadrilles, size 42EU, which should be 8UK and 11US and it’s their biggest size. The shoes fit my big pretty feet perfectly! And If you did read some of my posts, you know I have quite a wide feet, hence I honestly think their bigger size fits to true size. I believe their shoe quality is pretty decent for their price, generally speaking and I will buy many more times!

In this post I wanted to put together all their plus size shoes for women they have available at the moment. I created some great galleries, one for sandals, just in case you still need some new big shoes for the end of the summer, a gallery for their lovely heels as well as one for sneakers and flat shoes. I will be updating them to make sure I have all their big size shoes on my site, at the end of the day the goal of is to help women with big feet find fashionable and cool shoes! I hope you enjoy them and let me know what you think about the shoes!

And last but not least, I also think H&M could stock more plus size shoes for women and have bigger sizes as well. I think H&M could be a pioneer in making bigger sizes normal, they offer a wide range of large size clothes, why not shoes?

H&M flats

H&M sandals

H&M boots

H&M heels

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