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By June 12, 2016Flats

Are you ready for the festival season? I always found it really hard to find rain boots my size that didn’t look like my dad’s boots. And even harder to find designer rain boots for women with large feet. I used to be very annoyed around my female friends wearing feminine wellies looking all cute. Whereas me, I looked like a farmer with my size 9 men wellington boots.

I’m so glad I found a few designer rain boots that go up to size 9UK, 42EU, 11US. They look so feminine! I hope you like them!

Saint Laurent – Embellished rubber Wellington boots

Amazing and glamorous Saint Laurent’s Wellington boots.

I thought you had to compromise style and glamour when wearing Wellies, but this pair proves me wrong! They are so practical yet impressive!

The black rubber crystal decorated pair made in Italy will do its job to keep mud in control and it will draw people’s attention. I’m sure the Saint Laurent’s will get noticed by the fashion police!

Price: £470

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Saint Laurent – Festival 25 sequinned rubber boots



This pair of Saint Laurent’s is absolutely stunning!

One more example of practicality and glamour combined. Great to walk around mud at festivals while looking so dazzling.

To be honest with you I would love to wear them all the time, maybe for going to the office on a rainy day. They look so comfortable and chic.

The stylish pair is made in Italy and has a leather insole.

Price: £550

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Saint Laurent Festival 25 rubber boots


This classic dark khaki pair is also made in Italy. This model is the most functional of the three presented in this post. They are finished with a buckle at the top and the Saint Laurent logo next to it.

Price: £315

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I have to confess that I have a favourite pair! I love the Squinned rubber boots, they look so glam, I think I would be even wishing for rain!

I think these rain boots are quite generous in terms of size, and also a good option for women with wide feet. I also think it’s better to wear tall rain socks with them.

What do you think about these boots? Do you like them? I will be sharing some more findings about rain boots for women with large feet soon, more affordable options next time. Please leave your comments below, I would love to hear from you.

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