Clarks Shoes – Summer Flats Up to Size 9UK, 11US, 43EU

By June 20, 2016Flats

The summer flats I’m going to share with you are available up to size 9UK, 12US, 43EU and they are there for you in narrow, average and wide versions. Some of the Clarks Shoes designs are also available in several colours.

The Taylor Palm – The manly design


These past seasons, man-tailored designs have been very popular and such a fashion statement around the world. I see manly shoes for women everywhere in London.

I think the Taylor Palm looks very classy and it’s a great design to wear at the moment. Its T-bar style it’s ideal for what Clarks call a transitional choice. So, it’s not a winter shoe but not a 100% summer design either, hence great for this unstable season.

The low heel and metallic buckle fastening gives the black leather pair a chic touch while their cushioned layers provide the comfort we need.

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Price: £45

The Autumn Peace 


The Autumn Peace are the perfect sandals for your everyday life. And also ideal to take away on your summer holidays. Clarks Cushion Plus technology ensures your comfort and helps you walk throughout the day.

Something to be aware about is the buckle strap that finishes the pair. If you have quite wide ankles the strap might not be long enough and you might want to avoid buying them. Or if you are like me and want to find a different solution, you can make a couple of extra holes yourself with a belt punch.

Price: £55

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Barley Belle


Super comfortable pair!

I’m very impressed with the Barley Belle. I have this pair myself and I bought them not super convinced I would be wearing them a lot, and I have to say I love them, they are very comfortable.

The pair has a classic design with a T-bar strap and a buckle to adjust. The smooth black leather shoes have a small heel, which makes it ideal to wear all day.

I think the Barley Belle has a summery look and a slight vintage chic touch as well. I needed to soften them bit, since I didn’t buy the wider version, but once I wore them around the house for a while, they were ready for me to talk all day in them. Their cushioned sole makes such a difference!

More colours available.

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Price: £50

As I already said, these models are available in different colours and sizes up to size 11US, 9UK and 43EU as well as in different widths. Something to bear in mind if you don’t have super wide feet is that Clarks wide shoes are quite generous. My feet are wide, but I wouldn’t say they are super wide and sometimes I find myself losing my Clarks shoes after a while if I bought the wider version.

What do you think about Clarks summer flats? I hope you liked them! Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear your opinion! Or perhaps you have some recommendation as well?

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