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We all like quality expensive looking shoes, but sometimes we also need cheap women shoes size 12 up, don’t you think?

As you might already imagine, I love buying shoes when I find my size. I try to always get the best quality I can get for the amount of money I’m willing to spend, and sometimes I just don’t feel like spending a lot of money. Maybe because I need a very specific pair of shoes that I won’t probably wear much.

I remember one occasion I had to wear white shoes that I knew I wouldn’t be wearing again, since I’m not a great fan of white shoes. Therefore I was after cheap shoes for women in bigger sizes. It took me ages to find a pair by the way! Or sometimes I don’t need an excuse to buy cheap shoes, I just buy them because I feel like it.

I also try to pick the ones that look decent. Even if they are cheap, cheap looking is not good!

I found a few cheap women shoes in large sizes that look pretty decent and I would be wearing with no problem at all. Have a look at the following cheap plus size shoes and let me know what you think.

Coconuts by Matisse Women’s All About Sandal

These ankle strap flat sandals look great and cute for the summer.

The pair has a thin cushioned footbed and a flexile synthetic rubber sole. The ankle strap is generous enough if you have a wide ankle. You can always use a puncher if one more hole is needed.

For their price they look great and have a decent looking leather. One thing to bear in mind is that the leather can be a bit firm when you start wearing them, but it will soften.

Colour: tan and black. Several other colour combinations available.

Price: $12

Click here to find more about it

Braided Strap Flip Flops Sandals

Cute and comfortable flip flop sandals

They have a braided synthetic top and a subtle heel for comfort. Decent quality for the low price!

Colour: Black

Price: $17

Click here if you want to find more about it

Mini wedge sandals

Mini wedge double ankle strapped sandals in beige faux leather. Available in sizes 11.5 to 13 US, 43 – 45 EU.

These sandals are synthetic but cute looking. The pair has a wavy strap and a rubber sole. They look cute and summery! The pair fits to true size but bear in mind it’s on the wide side.

Wedge height: 1.57” (4cm)

Colour: nude suede

Price: $39.90

Click here if you want to find more about it

What do you think about these shoes? Do you normally buy cheap shoes? Aren’t they great sometimes?! Of course we all know what to expect and what not to expect when buying very cheap shoes. But these pair look decent for the low price.

I’ll keep sharing my cheap decent looking findings with you. Especially I’ll be researching a brand called Andres Machado, which does cheap/very affordable big size shoes for women.

I hope you like them! Please share your thoughts with me, I would love to hear from you.


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    Higher there do you have a UK sister site. I have size 10 and up sandles and shoes to sell pop up shop style. I live in London United Kingdom

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