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Thanks for stopping by and for your interest in Big Pretty Feet – Women’s Large Size Shoes. I’m Maria, the main blogger for this site, and I’m myself the owner of two big and wide pretty feet 🙂

Tired of the struggle to find nice shoes that fit and don’t hurt, I started a thorough research to find brands that offer shoes in larger sizes. In Big Pretty Feet I will be sharing my findings with you and I will help you  #EndTheShoeShoppingNightmare 

I would also like to use this platform to create a community of women with BigPretty Feet like me, and join forces to demand manufactures and retailers to think a bit more about us! I understand they might think there are not enough of us to justify the investment, but let’s show them we are and we want more choices! If you could help me with my research and spare a few minutes to complete my survey, I would be really grateful! It’s for the benefit of all of us!  #EndTheShoeShoppingNightmare  

Feel free to get in touch and comment, I would love to hear from you.

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Owner of two big pretty feet